Frequently asked Questions

Zoom in on the map, move the rectangle in the center (print area) to the desired print preview and press “Add to Cart”. Payment is made via online banking or credit card.

The price of the map is determined by the club’s share, Omapstore’s service fee, payment service fee and taxes. The club can choose the price it wants for the map and determine how much cheaper it will be if you order more than one map.

Areas to which access is prohibited are marked on the map in accordance with the description instructions on the orienteering map. For example, yard areas and cultivated fields are naturally forbidden areas. Clubs can also mark their own forbidden areas, for example at the request of a landowner or for nature conservation.

Club can add courses on top of their maps and sell premade trainings this way.

Maps can be put into the service for free.

The club can determine the price of its own share for each map.

The money will be credited to the club every Monday.

You can register your club to the service here and add maps to the service. If you would also like to sell maps, please contact Omapstore for instructions on how to sign an agreement between the club and the payment service (Paytrail). In addition, we will enter into an agreement with you, after which you will be able to sell maps.

The “Login” link in the top menu will then take you to the admin site with a tool for adding maps and tracks.

The old map must be removed from the service and a new updated map must be downloaded to replace it.

The “Login” link in the top menu takes you to the administrator’s website.

The map base is in the coordinate system where the north is the north pole but the printed map is rotated to the magnetic north.