To Clubs

With the help of Omapstore, clubs can earn extra income by selling the maps they manage. The club can decide its own price for each map and choose which maps are on public sale.

The maps are in png images, so the club does not need to upload OCAD files to the service. Therefore, there is no risk of the map files falling into the wrong hands. In the service, the resolution of the maps has been reduced, and a map of good quality can only be obtained by ordering a PDF file.

In the service, all maps are displayed in one view, on which it is possible to draw notes. This helps keep track of map-related information such as forbidden areas, landowner matters, mapping plans, etc.

You can add your maps to the service and make markings by registering. If you would also like to sell maps, please contact Omapstore.

If you already have IDs, you can login here to manage the club’s maps.