Instructions for uploading maps

Map georeferencing

The map must be in the TM35fin coordinate system. One easy way to check if the map is in the right place is to set the WMS or online map in Ocad as a background map. If the map is not in the right place, you can convert it with an affine transform, for example.

Cropping the map

In Ocad, draw a wide line on the map boundary with the Out-of-bounds boundary symbol (708). The outside area does not appear in the map service.

Exporting the map

Export the map as a PNG file. Select 600 dpi as the resolution. Be sure to create a terrain coordinate file and select the entire map to export (see image)

Sending a map

You can use the form to submit maps or, alternatively, upload them to your preferred cloud service and send a download link to our email ( Attach a text file with the name of the map, the name of the club and the author (s).